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Our Vision is to create a safe community where multiple needs are acknowledged, accepted, and met. We aim to support students on their journey to identify and achieve their full potential. Masters Language School is committed to fostering student development both academically and socially through the integration of academics and extracurricular activities; and is designed around three core pillars - academic excellence, life skills, and personal wellbeing. We focus on what students can do with knowledge. We offer a wide range of activities that students can choose from which are often led by students themselves, aided and facilitated by our dedicated professional staff to help students to develop character and skill. These extracurricular activities help students to develop problem-solving skills, reasoning, critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, collaboration skills and leadership skills that can help them significantly when it comes to college. We believe in the power of extracurricular activities in sculpting the students’ personalities, improving their academic performances, increasing their social opportunities,and paving the way for them to become effective members in society. Our approach to education aims to provide students with a holistic school learning experience, combining our proud tradition of academic excellence with outstanding programs and a devoted staff.


The mental well-being of every student within MLS is as important as education itself, thus a focus on a strong discipline system is necessary to create a healthy mentality.


LMS provides quick access to a simple interface, ensuring parents can check their child’s grades, discipline record, attendance, assignments and more whenever necessary.

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